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How can I Create Savings Goals in the Outbank App?

Whether you're dreaming of your next vacation, a new car, or a financially secure future: We have you covered. Outbank's savings goals feature makes saving a breeze.  

Here's how to create a new savings goal:  

  1. Start a new savings goal:  
    - In the iOS app: tap the '+' icon in the Tab Bar and select 'Savings Goal' or go to 'Reports' > open the 'Savings Goals card' and tap the '+' icon in the top right corner.  
    - On Android, Windows 11 / Amazon FireOS : Open the 'Reports', tap or click on the '+' sign and select 'Savings Goal'.
    - In the macOS app: open the 'Reports' > 'Savings Goals Card' and click on the '+' sign.
  2. Select the icon that best represents your savings goal.  
  3. Specify the target amount you want to save. 
  4. Add relevant tags and categories. Note that at least one category or tag is required for your savings goal. All transactions with the selected category and/or tag will contribute to your savings goal. Therefore, for specific savings objectives, we recommend creating the appropriate categories or subcategories. 
  5. Select the accounts that you want to include in your savings goal.  
  6. If you enable notifications for the savings goal, Outbank keeps you updated about your progress. You will receive push notifications when you reach key milestones: 15%, 50%, 80%, and when you hit 100% of your savings target. 

After you have saved your new savings goal, you can monitor your progress in the 'Savings Goals Card' within the Reports section. Here, you'll find an overview of all your savings goals. 

New Balance Field in List of Transactions:
When you set up Savings Goals, you'll see a new balance field in your transaction lists displaying your account balance minus your savings goals — just to make sure you don't spend your savings on something else.