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How to the Reports work in Outbank?

The Reports display multiple reporting cards. Each of them helps you to analyze and understand your finances better.

You decide which reporting cards should be displayed, and in which order. Within each reporting card, you can specify which accounts and periods should be evaluated.

  • Budgets:
    The budgets help you to keep your spending under control and thus save money in the long run. The budgets are grouped by budget recurrence. Each budget group has a separate card in the Reporting. After selecting a budget card, you will find all budgets with the same recurrence settings in an overview.
  • Incoming and Outgoing:
    The 'Incoming' and 'Outgoing' cards show the sum of assigned categories for a predefined time period. After selecting a reporting card, the sums are divided into categories (which can be assigned automatically to your transactions based on your own category rules) and displayed in a pie chart. When selecting a category, first the subcategories and then the linked transactions are displayed.
  • Developments:
    The 'developments' show you how your average balance develops in the chosen period. You can directly see much money you will have at the end of the period e.g. a given month - and adjust your savings, if necessary.
  • Tags:
    The incoming and outgoing transactions with manually assigned hashtags are displayed in the 'Tags' card as a bar chart. The two colored bars reflect your income and expenses: green stands for income, and red for expenses. With this reporting card, you can see whether you are spending more than you are earning and how much money you have left on average at the end of the selected time period.

Please note:

  • Transactions that are being recognized as transfers in the book are not included in the category evaluations. Should you have transfers between your accounts that haven't been recognized as such, assign manually the category 'Transfer' to them to exclude them from the category based reports.
  • Each main and subcategory can be excluded from the Reporting ('Edit category' > 'Include in Reporting': OFF).